Latvia: Stuck in a Russian traffic jam

The Latvian representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Intars Busulis, got stuck in a traffic jam today. Forunately, though, it was all part of the plan, as Probka (Traffic Jam) is the title of his song, which he will sing completely in Russian language in the Second Semi-Final. Today, he gave a convincing performance, which left a nice impression also on the TV screens. On the LEDs in the background, the silhouette of a city was pictured, as well as a road signpost mentioning the names of several European cities: Stockholm, Brussels, Riga, Rome, Berlin, Oslo and Yerevan. The lyrics of his song talk about stress and nervousness, and he managed to convey these feelings in his performance very well. In the press conference, Intars took off his shirt to reveal a tattoo that covered his complete upper body, and he performed a song in Russian language together with his backing vocals to close this very entertaining conference!

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