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Latvia's name dropping beautiful song

17 May 2012 at 12:48 CEST

Prior to her second rehearsal, we had the opportunity to take some pictures of Anmary and her backing group as they prepared backstage.

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Today it appeared than Anmary was wearing the outfit that she will be wearing in the contest, which is a lovely long light blue dress that has a split in the middle. Her four female backing performers are dressed in a variety of shorter dresses or shorts, with shades of blues and pinks.

Casual conversation

The song starts very casually with the girls appearing to have a mock chat between themselves, and then inviting the camera into join the conversation. Overall the choreography is very casual and relaxed, and results in a very assured performance from Anmary.

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More beautiful songs

At the press conference, the delegation reported that they were quitehappy with their second rehearsal and they had been impressed with the corrections that they had requested following their first rehearsal on Sunday.

In the intervening days the delegation has had time to see some of Baku, and Azerbaijan, and had enjoyed the mountain scenery and the different climates, and had found everyone to be very friendly.

With the opening lines of the song making reference to Johnny Logan's win in 1980, the audience were then treated to Anmary singing What's Another Year?, accompanied by a guitarist.

Participating in the contest had brought Anmary some opportunities, including co-operation with Shay Healy, composer of the aforementioned What's Another Year? and he had helped Anmary by writing the lyrics of her latest song, which she also performed, along with her backing singers, for the assembled fans and press.

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