Latvia's Intars rocks the arena

Accompanying Intars on stage there is a keyboard player who stands behind the other musicians, two guitarists directly in front of him and at the front of the stage two female backing vocalists. The LCD screens display a signpost naming many European cities. Intars is wearing a blue jacket sporting a number of circular badges, a loud colourful shirt and a red tie. During the performance Intars interacts with the other musicians and works the camera very well in his own inimitable eccentric fashion.


At the first Latvian press conference which followed the rehearsals, Intars introduced his team, and remained standing throughout. He also announced that not only is he a singer, he is about to graduate in playing Trombone also. Intars then went on to describe why he is singing in the Russian language as opposed to Latvian. "We are singing in Moscow, so that's why in Russian. The song itself was actually originally written in Russian. There were a lot of battles in Latvia about our decision to sing in Russian. I think it's a good decision to sing in Russian here, and a lot of Latvians are supportive and like it."

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Following on from the Russian language decision, a journalist asked why the group didn't promote their song in other Russian speaking languages prior to arriving in Moscow. Intars added "As you know, there were problems for our country to come here. We were not going to attend, we would like to thank our sponsors for assisting us to come here. We will spend two weeks here and we will be annoying everyone here by our presence!. I think it's going to be great. This song should sound as new, and not something you have heard before."

A journalist asked if it was true that Intars was held up in the customs upon arrival in Russia. "We had a nine hours bus journey from Latvia, then two and a half hours at the customs office. They even asked us questions when we went to the gents room! I don't want to dwell too much upon this though. We are here now."

An entertaining press conference was ended by Intars being asked about other Latvian groups in the national selection and who he would have supported if he had not won. He adds "We in Latvia were so popular that we had to win. We would have won all the same, so it's not an issue for discussion!".

Intars Busulis was born in 1978 and started his musical career by launching the boy band Caffe in 1999. Four years later, he went solo in order to find a musical style of his own. During the same period, he also played in the National Armed Forces Brass Band and in the jazz group Wet Point. In 2008, Intars along with composer Kārlis Lācis released his first solo album with original songs in Russian and Latvian. He performed songs from the album in concerts all across Latvia. For months, one of his songs - Brīvdiena -  topped the radio and TV charts. This year, he has already received several important Latvian music awards and is working on a new solo album in English.

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