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Latvia presents national selection hopefuls

Posted 9 January 2008 at 17:06

The following 20 songs have been selected by Latvian Television;
1. Artist to be announced - All Come Together 2. Artist to be announced - You Really Got Me Going 3. Artist to be announced - Fly To The Moon 4. Artist to be announced - Put Some Love In The World 5. Iveta Baumane - Observations 6. Elizabete Zagorska - Take Me Home 7. Funny Pictures - Lovely Dexter 8. Camillas & Viče Almana - Mr. Weatherman 9. Artist to be announced later - If I Only Knew 10. Artist to be announced later - Wolves Of The Sea 11. Andris Ērglis - Broken Lullaby 12. Jöran Steinhauer & Guntis Veilands - More Than 27 13. Triānas Parks - Bye Bye 14. Artist to be announced later - Memory Lane 15. Déjà Vu - I'm A Part Of You 16. Dace Planāre - One Last Touch 17. Lily - Download Your Dreams 18. Borowa MC feat Kips - The One 19. Kristīna Zaharova - Until You Find A Friend 20. Funky Drivers - Summertime
The songs without performers have been written by foreign composers and sung on the demos by foreign singers, but according to the rules of Eirodziesma, these songs must be performed by Latvians. Songwriters and LTV are now looking for suitable singers for these entries.
Latvia has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2000 and has won the contest in 2002 with Marie N's song I Wanna.
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