Latvia goes for the final ten

The shows, which started at 20:00 Central European Time, ended just minutes ago. Twenty songs were chosen by a jury to enter this round and now ten were qualified by a televote. They took the stage tonight (qualifiers in bold):

  • Camillas - Time Goes 
  • Dace Planare & Fridis - Running Around
  • Girts Zeibulinš - Place To Be
  • Johnny Salamander - Party
  • Miks Dukurs - Aizejot
  • Iveta Baumane & Ivo Grisninš-Grislis - Tic Tac
  • Ginta Eke - Be Yourself
  • Natalija Tumševica - Dynamite
  • Trianas Parks - Call Me Any Time You Need A Problem
  • Intars Busulis - Sastregumi
  • Kristina Zaharova & Annija Putnina - Angel Of Mine
  • Astra - Have To Say Goodbye
  • Edijs Šnipke - Make My Day
  • Ketta - Without You
  • Policistas - In Love We Trust
  • Fidji - Don't Want To Say Goodbye
  • Aisha featuring G-Point - Hey, Hey
  • Simply 4 - When The Sun Is Going Down
  • Sabine Berezina Feat. Per - Bye, Bye
  • Valters Fridenbergs - For A Better Tomorrow

Two of the participants have already represented the Baltic country - Valters Fridenbergs (In 2005 with The War Is Not Over) takes the stage himself and Martins Freimanis who wrote his song back then and also represented Latvia as a part of the trio F.L.Y (in 2003). 

Fridenbergas penned his own song this year and Freimanis did Kristina Zaharov's (who was the runner-up in this year's Irish selection) and Dace Planare & Fridis'. 

Several authors of past entries also wrote some of this year's entries - Guntars Racs & Tomass Kleins wrote the 2004 Latvian entry and Kjell Jenstig is the author of their 2007 song. Now they're responsible for In Love We Trust and Hey, respectively.

Tomorrow in the final three songs will be chosen by a viewers and a jury. In the so-called super-final the televoters will decide who will represent Latvia in Moscow at the 54th edition of Europe's favorite TV-show.

Latvia achieved the 12th place last year at the Eurovision Song Contest with Pirates Of The Sea's Wolves Of The Sea. Now they'll take part in the Second Semi-Final on 14th of May.

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