Latvia cuts back on semi-finals

The song submission deadline has been set to 15th of January, Iveta Lepesko, the Executive Producer of the 2010, told Only Latvian authors are allowed to enter.

This year there will be no semi-finals or qualifying rounds, unlike the previous years couple of years. Ten songs will compete in one national selection show, which is to be held on the 27th of February. The show will be broadcast from Ventspils city theatre, Jūras Vārti. The winner will be selected by a jury and televoters. 

"We will do our best to have a well organised Latvian national selection and a very good competitor for all the other entries," Lepesko said.

The Latvian entry Probka, performed by Intars Busulis, finished 19th in 2009 in the second Semi-Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest.

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