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Latvia: Building Bridges between languages

21 May 2015 at 14:26 CEST
Aminata backstage, showing her dress Andres Putting (EBU)
How does "Your Love" sound in Azerbaijani language? And what about Irish? Spanish? Estonian? This is your opportunity to find out. Aminata, the Latvian representative in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest spent her free time in Vienna talking to journalists and fellow contestants in order to find out how parts of her song Love Injected sound if they are sung in different languages. We've accompanied her on her linguistic journey - watch our video footage, and guess which languages are featured there!

It all started with a video recorded with Aminata after her first rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle. We asked the Latvian team if they could sing a part of their song accappella for us, and they came up with a funny idea: Let's do it in five languages, and then let people guess which ones they are. This was the result:

After we published the video, we received a lot of feedback - and most notably, many people were asking: why is "my" language missing? Why is there no Spanish version? So we forwarded all these questions to the Latvian delegation, and they decided to fulfil the wishes of their fans and continue the series. Can you guess all the languages correctly?

"The official slogan of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is Building Bridges, and we thought: what could be better than to build bridges between languages? It's not only about translating a line of the song, it's about meeting people, talking to them, learning from them, and in the end: to give something back to them - even if, for now, it's just one line of our song."

In the end, Aminata and her fellow backing vocalists had so much fun that it spread to other contestants in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. During a city tour of Vienna, they teamed up with Molly Sterling - and here is their version in Irish language:

One of the countries where the Eurovision Song Contest has a particular big fanbase is Azerbaijan. Hence their representative Elnur Huseynov was happy to help both Aminata and the fans from his country to have a part of the Latvian entry translated. 

And last but certainly not least, Marta Jandová from the Czech Republic also met Aminata in Vienna on a sunny day. Apart from chatting and enjoying their walk together, they also had a small "language lesson" - check out the result below!

So, in the end, Building Bridges also works if you speak very different languages - communication always works even without a common language, and you end up learning faster than you thought before.