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Latvia: A mysterious and expressive love injection

It's a mysterious and very expressive stage act that people will get to see this year from Latvia. Aminata performs as the ultimate love goddess, wearing a long red dress and black jewellery - and in terms of voice, she definitely has divine powers indeed. Watch our backstage and rehearsal footage, fresh from the Wiener Stadthalle!

Aminata has one of the most modern and sophisticated songs in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest: Love Injected. Watch our video excerpt of her first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle below!

Both the staging and filming are modern and expressive too: A lot of fast cuts are used, moving from ultra-wide angles and top shots to close shots and back within seconds. In the wide shots, fine rays centred on Aminata are displayed on the background, giving her the looks of a shining goddess.

This aura of hers is further enhanced by Aminata standing on a pedestal - which is covered by her dress - and wind machine effects used in the second half of the song.

Gallery: Latvia: First rehearsal of Aminata

Is it the longest dress?

Aminata is definitely in the competition who has the longest dress in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest - when she stepped out of the dressing room at the Wiener Stadthalle, all heads were turning towards her. "The good thing about it is that I don't have to wear high heels - I can just wear my sneakers", she told us, smiling.

The Latvian representative Aminata is a very relaxed and down-to-earth person in her everyday life but for her performance of Love Injected she goes through a real transformation. She wears black jewellery, a sexy dress, creating the aura of a goddess on stage.

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"She will also have special tattoos on her arms - we will have them applied just now", the Head of the Latvian Delegation, Zita Kaminska, told

One signature part of her performance are her hand movements, which she demonstated to our cameras backstage. "They don't follow a specific concept or choreography, they are just part of my way of performing", Aminata explains.

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