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Latin lover for Switzerland

Swiss Paolo Meneguzzi entered the stage with a piano-player and four additional backing vocals. The stage during his song was lit in blue, white and pink, although the technical crew seemed to be trying out several colour combinations. Vocally, Paolo gave a solid rendering of his Era Stupendo which is very popular with Eurovision Song Contest fans. Switzerland has missed out on the final both in 2006 and 2007, so the country really hopes to be still in the race on the 24th of May. Will Swiss heartbreaker Paolo manage to get a better result? 

Although a native Swiss, Paolo Meneguzzi is a prominent figure in Italy mainly. He released several albums in Italy over the last 5 years which all went gold or platinum. He also participated several times in the prestigious San Remo festival, the most important italian music competition. This year, he reached the 6th place in the competition and his new album Corro Via went straightly into the Italian top 10. Paolo even managed to break into the French market with his single In Nome Dell’Amore (Au Nom De L’amour) - a duet with Ophelie - which sold 100.000 copies in France.


Paolo revealed in his press conference that his second passion besides music is soccer. He has frequently participated in charity soccer games with other singers, like Eros Ramazzotti, trying to raise money for children in need. When asked how he would feel entering the Eurovision Song Contest, he answered that he is used to taking part in music competitions as he has participated a lot of times in the Italian San Remo festival. 


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