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Last tickets to Eurovision 2014 go on sale

Posted 31 March 2014 at 10:00

Tickets will go on sale for all the shows in May - a total of 9! This means you can get them for all the Semi-Finals, the Grand Final and also, two Dress Rehearsal - the Family Show and the Jury Shows.
Jury Shows will be held the night before the Grand Final and the Semi-Finals. It’s these shows that the juries in all participating countries will watch and vote on. This means - 50% of the votes will be decided during the Jury Shows!
Family Shows are the last rehearsals just before the live shows, to be held in the afternoon on the days of the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final. Family show is a chance to see how it all comes together, one of world’s biggest TV shows and have the youngest members of your family able to enjoy it.
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