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Lake Malawi from Czech Republic burst on to the rehearsal stage!

04 May 2019 at 10:40 CEST
"Can you hear it?" The guys from Czech Republic's Lake Malawi lit up the Expo Tel Aviv stage with saturated colour and bursts of high energy that match the tone of their song 'Friend of a Friend'. The simple staging allows the group to connect with the audience and engages as the picture is fully focused on the band and the lyric's story.

The Czech Republic will take to the stage 6th in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday 14 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

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Infographic Czech Republic 2019 (© EBU)

The indie-pop group was founded by Albert Černý in 2013 and the band's name was inspired by a Bon Iver song. Since the very beginning, Lake Malawi wanted to make it outside of their home country of Czech Republic with their whole repertoire sung in English.

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What happens on stage?

Lake Malawi's simple staging opens with the artists framed center-stage. Lead singer Albert's intense eye contact hint at the titillating story to come. As the chorus kicks off the frames move around the screen to the beat keeping the energy high. From there, it is difficult to look away.

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