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Laka - something different from Bosnia!

12 May 2008 at 16:43 CEST

The word "extravagant" comes to mind while watching Laka's rehearsal of Pokušaj. The Bosnian singer ran all around the stage earning huge cheers from the present media and fans in the hall! Laka is supported by four female backing singers wearing bridal costumes and his sister Mirela who was equally very active on stage, and seemed to wash and hang up clothes at one point of the song before throwing them away! The LED screens behind the stage are very colourful during the performances. This is certainly one country to look out for on the 20th of May! 

Laka's Pokušaj was chosen out of 31 shortlisted songs entered for the internal Bosnian final. The singer is one of the most popular artists in his home country and will perform the song together with his sister Mirela. In 2003, Laka won the annual B&H Music Award "Davorin" for the best rock song with his song Moro, and his first CD was released shortly after called ZEC, which received the Album Of The Year award. The album was released in Croatia, too.


In his press conference, Laka joked that the chicken that could be seen in the Bosnian preview video wasn't allowed to be on stage with them, so it ended up in a soup - which got roaring laughter from the many journalists and fans in the press conference group. Laka and the Bosnian team also revealed that they had a great time in London during the promotional tour and that he expects "to get 12 points from the UK".