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Kyiv Calling Part Three - The road to Kyiv

16 June 2017 at 17:00 CEST
Winner on the stage Andres Putting
National selection season for the Eurovision Song Contest typically begins in December. What happens to the artists between the time their song is selected and the live Eurovision shows begin? In part three of Kyiv Calling we look back at the journey the artists went on prior to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Albania is usually the first country to host a national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, kicking off a series of shows around Europe, usually culminating with Sweden's selection in March. After their selection for the Eurovision Song Contest the acts typically meet with their teams, and participating broadcasters to perfect their routines ahead of the all-important performance on the Eurovision stage. Part of the journey to Eurovision includes participation in the growing list of pre-parties which take place in the weeks before the contest. 

The Eurovision Pre-parties

The first stop for artists in 2017 was Riga followed by London. These events are an opportunity for acts to meet the press, get to know each other and to promote their songs to the fans. After the London Eurovision Party, which celebrated its 10th edition this year, it was time for many to fly off to Tel Aviv for the second edition of Israel Calling. The third edition saw artists tour Jerusalem Tel Aviv, as well as plant trees in a special Eurovision forest. Check out some of the highlights below!

Amsterdam's Eurovision In Concert is officially endorsed by the European Broadcasting Union and set a participation new record this year with a whopping 35 out of 42 appearing in 2017! In Amsterdam we caught up with several of the artists and asked them who they thought was the biggest diva. Check out the video below to find out the answer!

Shortly after Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam it was Spain's turn to host. The 2017 event, the ESPre-party, was the first Eurovision event to take place in the country in nearly 50 years. 21 of this year's participants performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 2,000 in Madrid's concert venue La Riviera. 

La Fiesto Termino

After the promotional events finished it was time for the acts to return to their home countries to complete the last of the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest. The pre-parties help the artists become accustomed to the world of the Eurovision Song Contest and gives them valuable time to perform for their fans. 

Next week we go behind the scenes of the Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony. The event officially marks the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest and is highlight for artists and fans alike.