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Kyiv Calling Part Four - The Red Carpet Event

23 June 2017 at 19:00 CEST
Red carpet Kyiv 2017 Andres Putting
The Red Carpet Event and Opening Ceremony mark the official start of the Eurovision Song Contest. Located in front of Kyiv's Mariyinsky Palace, the 2017 Red Carpet was the longest ever in the history of Eurovision!

Dressed in their finest clothes, the Eurovision stars shone brightly in the evening sunshine in Kyiv last month. The Red Carpet procession is always a highlight of the Event Week of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an important moment for the artists, where they can meet press and fans alike and the last chance to party before the serious business of the contest begins. 

In the fourth part of our series Kyiv Calling we look back to the glamorous Red Carpet event in Kyiv. We asked the artists how long they took to get ready, which designer created their outfit and also asked them what their favourite party drinks were. Check out the video on the official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube. 

Watch the highlights again in the video below:

The choice of costume isn't the only thing for artists to consider, there are of course, the all-important shoes! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!

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