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Kurt is the star of Malta

18 May 2012 at 17:09 CEST

Kurt has tried before to represent his country in Europe's Favourite TV Show, now he finally gets the opportunity.

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A single gloved hand

The staging of the song is the same as the first rehearsal that we saw on Tuesday, the only difference is in the outfits worn by Kurt and his backing group. Kurt himself is wearing a yellow T-shirt under a black jacket, along with a single yellow fingerless soft leather glove on his right hand. His backing performers  were all wearing predominantly white tops with jeans. The DJ/dancer was wearing yellow jeans.

The yellow colour is reflected in the lighting used throughout the performance, and the LED screens also show silhouttes of crowds of people waving their arms and dancing to the music.

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Brotherly love

At the press conference Kurt was asked about the significance of the single glove, even suggesting that perhaps he had injured his hand? Kurt replied that it was just a fashion accessory that he particularly liked, adding that he isn't normally particularly fashion conscious.

In the line up of the group is Kurt's younger brother Kevin, who was aksed if his elder brotehr had any embarrassing habits? Being the model brother he diplomatically declined to make any negative comments about Kurt.

Another group member is Amber, who actually finished third in this year's Maltese national final, and she was asked to perform part of her song Answer With Your Eyes.

The traditional question of what is Kurt's favourite ever Eurovision song, produced the answer Rock 'n' Roll kids, the 1994 winner. Kurt also sang part of this song, along with some of his other favourite songs in general.

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