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Kristo Koppel: "Less is more!"

09 January 2008 at 22:51 CET

"I am not planning to build miniature versions of stages from before 2002, because those stage designs don't really excite me," Kristo said. Then he hesitates... "Maybe the stages of 1993 or 1994," he adds. "I am also making miniatures of other stages, such as the stage of Madonna's latest concert tour. I actually got the original stage design, which is pretty convenient!"

"I thought it was fun"

In 2002, when the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Estonia, Kristo saw photos of the stage construction in a local newspaper. "I thought it was fun, and just started building the miniature." Since then, he built miniatures of all stages to date. He also took part in the design competition for the stage of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, but didn't win. "I am almost ready with the stage miniature of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, but as I've only seen one 3D-picture of it, it is very hard to build the miniature."

Better understanding 

"Less is more," that's Kristo's idea about the perfect Eurovision Song Contest stage. "Athens 2006 was pretty good because of the lightning, just like last year's stage for example. But my all-time favorite is Riga 2003," he explains. Building miniatures helps him to get a better understanding about stage designs. "It also helps to get rid of stress... I just hope people don't think I am crazy," he laughs. 

Kristo aims to become a professional fashion- and stage designer and hopes to get the opportunity to design the stage for the Estonian national Eurovision Song Contest selection one day.

 PHOTO GALLERY: Kristo's stage miniatures