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The Journey Home: Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria

18 May 2017 at 17:10 CEST
Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria) arrives home following the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Anna Velikova
Kristian Kostov was the youngest artist participating in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and the only singer born this millennium. He finished second in the Grand Final, achieving Bulgaria's best ever placing and was welcomed home as a hero.

When Poli Genova and the Bulgarian delegation returned home from Stockholm last year they were greeted by fans and supporters at Sofia Airport. Poli finished fourth in 2016 and this year Kristian went further and finished second with a whopping 615 points! This was more than Jamala received when she won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine last year. Like Poli, Kristian was welcomed home as a hero following his appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Kristian (above) posed for photographs with his fans and spoke to the media when he arrived home. The impromptu gathering at the airport was organised by Kristian's fans and took the singer by surprise. Following his return to Sofia he was taken to a TV studio along with the Bulgarian delegation and was joined by his close friends, fellow Bulgarian artists Dara & Venci Vence (pictured below):

Kristian's song, Beautiful Mess, was written by Joacim Persson, Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Alex Omar and Alexander V. Blay. They are all music producers and composers and some of them are the founders of Symphonics International, the same team behind Poli Genova's song, If Love Was A Crime, last year. They have achieved significant success and acquired great experience with a number of Eurovision songs while pursuing many others projects. You can read more about them on Kristian's participant profile page

Bulgaria successfully hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, finished fourth in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 and this year finished second. It seems that when it comes to success in the Eurovision Song Contest, Bulgaria is heading in the right direction!

Thank you to Bulgarian National Television for the video footage and Anna Velikova for the photographs.