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Kreisiraadio to Belgrade representing Estonia!

02 February 2008 at 23:50 CET

The Estonian public has chosen. Kreisiraadio won Eurolaul 2008 with the song Leto Svet. This will be the first occasion when an Estonian Eurovision Song Contest entry hasn't been performed either in the Estonian or English language. Leto Svet is performed maily in the Serbo-Croatian language with parts of the song in the German and Finnish languages.

Eurolaul 2008 took place at the studios of Estonian Television, and in the first round ten songs were voted upon and these were then redcued to a super final with the three songs gaining the most televotes progressing to the final round. The results of the initial round of televoting from 4th place to 10th place were as follows: 

4. One On One - 2660 votes
5. God Inside Your Soul - 2399 votes
6. Real Big Money - 1444 votes
7. Üksinduses - 1189 votes
8. It's Never Too Late - 866 votes
9. Question Man - 837 votes
10. Stefani - 646 votes

And the winner is...

The three super finalists were then reprised in part and the public had a second chance to vote for their favourite song. The results of the second and final round of televoting were as follows :

1. Leto Svet - 52,518
2. Ice Cold Story - 30,963
3. 365 Days - 12,990 votes

Kreisiraadio are an established comedy act with a popular following in Estonia. Their performance for Eurolaul 2008 included three scantily clad ladies waving  Estonian and German flags! In the last decade novelty acts such as LT United from Lithuania, Alf Poier from Austria and Guildo Horn and Stefan Raab from Germany have fared extremely well at the Eurovision Song Contest. Estonia will hope that Kreisiraadio can do the same and help Estonia qualify for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday the 24th May in Belgrade. 

 PHOTO GALLERY: Backstage at Eurolaul 2008