Kreisiraadio entertain with first rehearsal

Kreisiraadio (Crazy Radio) are a three man team who have been established for 15 years. The team comprises of Hannes Võrno a fashion designer originally, Peeter Oja who has his background in porfessional acting and Tarmo Leinatamm who is a famous conductor in Estonia. They started their careers on late night radio, this proved very successful and led to television work. After this they worked together with the national symphonic orchestra and now find themselves at the Eurovision Song Contest. When asked what they had planned next, Peeter replied "Maybe next we will try for the Olympic Games!" 

There were only minor changes to the stage performance of the song, most aspects are the same as the winning performance in the Estonian national selection. One lead singer Tarmo was absent today due to other commitments but will join the team later to complete the line up. For today press officer Toomas Luhats stood in as the third member of Kreisiraadio!.  

The main difference today was with the backing girls, who are all students presently. They are now waving a Serbian flag as well as the Estonian, German and Finnish flags. The question of the different languages used within the song was raised in the press conference to which Peeter answered "Finnish is because they are our good neighbours, German as they share big historic traditions, and Serbo Croatian as they are the host country, we think that next year lets say Greece should sing in Serbo Croatian and other countries sing in different mixtures of languages!"



A journalist asked about the reaction to the Kreisiraadio victory in Estonia and how popular they were back home, Head of Delegation Juhan Paadam took this question and said "During our national selection in Estonia we had around 150,000 phone calls and around 80-90% of those votes were for Kreisiraadio, so I think that gives a strong mandate for the popularity and support of the Estonian public". Ever the comedian, Peeter added that "The reaction was gorgeous, especially with my mother, and father, and daughter. They said that I had been a very good boy and did them proud!"

Kreisiraadio will attempt to become the first act from Estonia to qualify from the Semi Finals since their inauguration, and will compete in Belgrade in the First Semi-Final on Tuesday 20th May. 

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