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Knez sings for Montenegro

31 October 2014 at 15:14 CET

“I was not so surprise by the invitation to represent Montenegro at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, because everybody know how passionate Eurovision fan I am”, Knez said in his first statement, after its being confirmed that he is going to represent this Balkan state in Austria next year. Nenad Knežević believes that he will have a great competition in Vienna, considering that some neighbouring countries decided to return to Europe’s Favourite TV Show.

“I’ll do my best and invest all my experience and knowledge. At the same time I’m hoping to have a perfect song which will represent Montenegro in the best possible way”, Knez explained. However, it’s too early to talk about the Eurovision entry. “Ballads were doing well in the last few years, but I wouldn’t exclude having an up-tempo song with some catchy melody.”

Last year’s entry from this country has opened a new chapter in the Eurovision history. Thanks to Sergej Ćetković and his song Moj Svijet, Montenegro has qualified for the Final this year for the very first time. “Sergej defined a new, higher standards and I’m definitely going to talk with him about the experience he had in Copenhagen”, Nenad Knežević said.

Eurovision is a great platform for promotion

“Eurovision is an amazing event and a great platform for the promotion of our country”, Ivan Maksimović, Head of Press pointed out during today’s Press conference at RTCG, announcing full support for the chosen representative. At the same time, Sabrija Vulić, Head of Montenegrin Delegation at Eurovision Song Contest explained that “being able to send another great artist from Montenegro, who is also well know in the region is a great pleasure for RTCG”.

Radio Television of Montenegro has chosen their representative internally like in previous years. Since they joined Eurovision in 2007, RTCG preferred an internal selection (the choice of an artist and a song). After confirming their participation at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Montenegrin national broadcaster revealed the name of their contestant and in the following weeks, they will share more details about the song as well.