Musiqq represented Latvia in Düsseldorf in 2011
Musiqq represented Latvia in Düsseldorf in 2011 Photo: EBU

Killer kisses from Latvia's Musiqq

Preparing backstage

The Latvian delegation arrived at the Düsseldorf Arena in the afternoon. As with everyone else, they were very impressed when seeing the stage for the first time.

"We just feel great and excited. The stage looks beautiful," says Marats Ogleznevs, the rapper of the duo. They will make sure to put their rehearsal to good use, and they are aware of the importance of the LED screen, which they haven't seen before.

 "We have to check the balance of the music and the voices. This will also be the first time we get to see our LED screen for the performance, so it is the first time that we see how they look."

No major changes

As a rapper, Marats Ogleznevs employs a different style than most, wearing glasses and a hat.
"I just like it, I don't focus on what a rapper should look like, so I wear what I want," he explains.

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Musiqq have prepared their performance on home ground, even though they don't plan any major changes from their national final.

"It will basically be the same as in the Latvian national selections. If you can sing well without pitching, you will do a great job. I'm just rapping, so it's kinda hard to mess up for me," Marats laughs.

Consistent Rehearsal

Each run through was very consistent today, and all of the artists appeared very relaxed on the huge stage.

The performance begins with the guys sitting on white stools with their backs turned to the audience. They turn around as the first chorus starts.

The costumes are the ones which will be worn in the Second Semi-Final, the guys dressed all in black apart from a white waistcoat for Emils and a black waistcoat with white borders for Marats. They are both also wearing a red dickie bow. 

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There are four backing singers, two male and two female, who between them have had some backing vocal experience in the Eurovision Song Contest in the past.

Emils gets on his feet early on in the song, whilst rapper Marats only emerges from his seat when his rapping solo starts. The LED screens have flashing strips of light against a dark backdrop.


We wanted to look different

The Latvian team turned up at their press conference carrying both the Latvian and German flags with them.

One of the first questions Musiqq were asked was about their costumes. Emils remarks "We want to look different, we think it's pretty important not to lose ourselves in the masses. All in all it's about the song and the performance, we like to think that voters will go for the song, not just the show." 

Marats adds "We decided to go black and white, and felt that there was less chance we could mess up something that way. My girlfriend helped us with the costumes, she had the vision and you can see how it ended."

Emils liked the stage, and the size of it "It's very beautiful, we loved the sound and how everything works together. It was really cool. We really like the LED screen, maybe if we have time we could watch a movie on it there!".

Latvians like their male singers!

A journalist reflected on the fact that male artists had dominated previous Latvian Eurovision Song Contest entries since their debut in 2000. Marats joked "There are more males than females! Maybe there are more girls watching and voting than boys, voting for the guys!"

Following this statement, the female backing singers got their chance for some limelight as they performed Alicia Keys Fallin, with the guys beat boxing for them!"

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The meaning of the song

Emils and Marats talked about the meaning behind the song Angel in Disguise

 "The song started with kill me with killer kiss, everytime you write a song, there's a person or situation and message in your mind. The message in Angel In Disguise is that a person can have their own angel but can't always see it. Maybe people don't always appreciate what they have."

When asked whether they would still stay working together after the Eurovision Song Contest, Marats answers "We will continue, we have already been working together for two years in Latvia, where we released an album, it was in the Latvian language, so maybe we will try and release something in English next."

Who are Musiqq?

Musiqq is an R'n'B/Soul/Hip-Hop duet which consists of Marats Ogleznevs,  who is the music author and the producer of the group, and Emils Balceris, the lead vocalist. Cooperation of both artists began in 2009 through media mediation, Marats noticed Emils while he was performing a song on the LTV broadcast programme Sems.

After the broadcast, Marats offered him to collaborate. As a result, four songs were recorded during their first meeting and they decided to launch a project – Musiqq. Subsequently, the band signed an agreement with the leading music records company in Latvia – Mikrofona ieraksti Ltd. Later on, in March 2009 the duet released their debut album This Is Just Music with a number of highly successful singles. Along with Abrakadabra, their songs Birthday and 10 Out of 10 became national hit records. 

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