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Katrina (UK 1997) in Belgian national selection jury

11 January 2008 at 22:02 CET

Marcel Vanthilt, who hosted the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, 1997 Eurovision Song Contest winner Katrina Leskanich and Kris Wouters, who represented Belgium at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with the band Clouseau, will take seat in the jury. The three jury members, who all have a strong musical background, will only advise the audience. The final decision will be taken by the viewers at home. 

The selection method is different compared to previous editions of Eurosong. After each quarter-final, the winner and the runner-up go to one of the two semi-finals. Each act that comes third and fourth can still get one of the two wildcards to the semi-finals. In each semi-final, five contestants will take part. The winner and the runner-up go to the final of Eurosong 2008. The acts that come third and fourth in the semi-finals can still get one wildcard to the final. The wildcards will be given out by the jury. Don't worry, it took us some time to understand as well! 

First quarter-final (27th of January);

  1. Katy Satyn - Magical Sensation
  2. Raeven - Shut Down The Heatmachine
  3. Brahim - What I Like About You
  4. Eva Darche - We Breathe
  5. Femme Fatale - Décadence

Second quarter-final (3rd of February)

  1. Kenza - Breaking All The Rules
  2. E.F.R. - Your Guiding Star
  3. Ishtar - O Julissi Na Jalini
  4. Esther - Game Over
  5. Tanja Dexters - Addicted To You

Third quarter-final (10th of February)

  1. Ellis T - My Music
  2. Tabitha Cycon - Rumour Has It
  3. Di Bono - I'm Not Sorry
  4. Nelson - If I Can't Find Love
  5. Geena Lisa - Wheel Of Time

Fourth quarter-final (17th of February)

  1. Francesco Palmeri - Vagabundo
  2. Paranoiacs - Shout It Out
  3. Elisa - Around The World
  4. A Butterfly Mind - Lonely Heart On Wheels
  5. Sandrine - I Feel The Same Way

The two semi-finals will take place on the 24th of February and 2nd of March. The final of Eurosong 2008 is scheduled for the 9th of March.