Kati Wolf supported by her family at her second rehearsal

Today Kati was surrounded backstage by her family who came from Hungary to support her in Düsseldorf. This included her 6-year-old daughter: "She's a bit shy of the cameras, but she's amazed by it all, like me".

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But her family is leaving today, since she will be busy here: "I won't have time for my daughter and you cannot say 'I have no time for you' to a child. So it's better that she's at home watching TV on the 10th of May with her 1-year-old sister and my mum."

The team has only made minor changes for the second rehearsal, and Kati was not wearing her stage costume as during her first one. "I try to move a little bit more, but I focus on the singing as the song is not easy to sing."

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Kati explained during her second press conference that she got experince in these kind of shows by taking part in the hungarian X Factor, but that she was doing that for herself. "Now it's a big responsibility to represent my country".

The fact that Hungary is among the favourites to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest is not disturbing Kati "Of course I want to go further and proceed from the semifinals. I feel a bit under pressure right now as people think this is one of the favourites, but what I really want to do is a good performance regardless of the results".

The Hungarian singer thinks there are two influences in What About My Dreams? "I love the music of the 90s, that's why there's that atmosphere in the song even though it also has a modern arrangement, and that's why the dancers are wearing something like futuristic".

Right now her focus is on this song but "we're working on an English album as i got invitations from other countries to perform". But that will only happen after hugging her 1-year-old daughter, "i miss her very much".

After singing an a capella rendition of her entry, she was given an award by a German radio station whose listeners voted Hungary as their favourite song in the competition.

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