Kati Wolf (Hungary) 2nd press conference

Her family had been here to support her, but they will be returning to Hungary today to look after Kati's young daughter for her.

Kati is aware of the responsibility on her shoulders representing her country, but wants to keep things in perspective: “When I entered several other shows at home in Hungary I only represented myself, but now being here is a bigger thing. Everyone wants to win, but I want most to be satisfied with my singing. I'll do the Semi Final first and then we'll talk again.” She tries to take the pressure constructively saying: “We feel a lot of positive energy which is good for the song.”

There are two messages of the song: first Kati loves the music of the 90s and wants to bring this across. Secondly, the song has modern elements which might point the way toward the future.

When told that she had won a mock vote held in Sweden, Kati responded: “The Eurovision Contest is a constant contest of songs and I will focus only on my singing. I have to be perfect on stage.”

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