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Katerine Duska brings 'Better Love' to Eurovision stage

05 May 2019 at 16:01 CEST
Greece first rehearsal 2019 Thomas Hanses
Katerine Duska has completed her first rehearsal on the Expo Tel Aviv stage with her entry 'Better Love'. She had the maximum allowed number of 6 people on stage with her. Katerine is joined by 5 backing singer-dancers on stage for her performance as she bids to take Greece back to the Grand Final after 2 years.

Katerine Duska will take to the stage 16th in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday 14 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Katerine is a well-established Greece-Canadian musical artist with a track record of success. Her dark melodic tones have helped her establish her career with a much acclaimed 2016 debut album Embodiment and her single Fire Away that was picked for a television advert campaign in Canada.

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What happens on stage?

The show starts with Katerine standing on a prop that looks like an ancient Greek fountain. There are 2 dancers with swords in each hand to the side and 3 dancers sitting on the front of the props. Later in the performance, this turns around to reveal a wall of flowers. Flowers become a theme later on with flowers opening on the video screen as the performance takes on an increasingly floral look.

Katerine is wearing a white dress with a line of pearls braided in her hair. Her 3 dancers are dressed in white and yellow-layered tops with high collars with large pearls to the front. There is a definite link to official music video, where the layered clothing, pearls and swords also made an appearance.

As the song progresses, the 2 sword wielding dancers perform synchronised ballet and contemporary dance moves whilst the 3 additional dancers interact with the staging, lying down to interact with the LED flooring. Altogether, it is an eclectic yet impactful display.

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