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Kasia Moś from Poland shares family matters after first rehearsal

01 May 2017 at 12:15 CEST
Poland first rehearsal Thomas Hanses
Together with her brother Mateusz, who plays the violin, Kasia Moś will represent her country. Poland's hopeful is very excited to have her brother with her: "I'm always a little bit more worried about him than about myself. He is going to distract me."

While ready to perform the song Flashlight during the first rehearsal, she admitted to feel more calm afterwards. And even if her rehearsal goes flawless, Kasia needs to make an important decision in the upcoming days: What to wear!? She brought two different dresses with her to Kyiv. "In the next days we are going to test which dress is better with lights and visuals," she revealed backstage. 

"It's going to be simple and dark"

Regarding her performance, the public should not expect real flashlights: “Except maybe for the cameras in the audience," Kasia laughed. Poland’s representative underlines that she is going to focus on her own voice and on her brother: "We’re not going to dance and do crazy stuff. It’s going to be simple and dark."

Meeting Kasia backstage after the first rehearsal she appears satisfied: "We still need to work on things we want to fix, but it will definitely be better for the second rehearsal." She mentioned the visuals on the screen, which she hopes will be darker and contain less blue. 

An artistic family

Coming from an artistic family really helped Kasia prepare for the Eurovsion Song Contest, even though it can sometimes be challenging due to the amount of feedback. Kasia said: "Mateusz and I always ask them what they think about our music and our performance. It’s very important to me." You can read more about Kasia's background in her participant profile.

Kasia has been to Ukraine two times before, but she is happy to be in Kyiv once again, in particular to meet her fellow contestants: "I think it’s going to be the best time and I will remember it until the end of my days!"

Kasia will be on stage again on Thursday, 4th of May for her second rehearsal. Poland takes part in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 9th of May.