Kalomira's glamorous first rehearsal

Many things had to come together for the Greek performance today. In addition to the singing part of the performance, Kalomira and her three male dancers do a complicated choreography, including both Kalomira being lifted up on a board decorated with glitter and extensive moves during the interlude of the song. During the performance, a gigant pop-up shaped like a heart appears on the colourful stage. Kalomira and the dancers are joined by one male and one female singer. It seemed as if Kalomira was satisfied with the rehearsal. Definitely she turned up the charm and flirted immensely with the camera.

Kalomira's first self-titled album which included songs with both Greek and English lyrics, went gold. Her popularity surpassed Greek borders, and during the Athens Olympic Games, she was interviewed for various TV-shows in NBC, as one out of ten most popular artists in Greece. In her second solo album Paizeis Kalomira debuted as a song writerwhile on her third album, Kalomira Paei Cinema, Kalomira sang popular Greek cinema classics in a modern version. She has worked next to well-known Greek artists, like Despina Vandi, whom she accompanied on a tour around Greece and Cyprus.


In her press conference, Kalomira revealed that her dress in the first semi-final was designed bz Jennifer Lopez's company. As an US-American, it wasn't hard for her to keep her Greek roots as her family kept all Greek traditions. Kalomira was excited about the way her first rehearsal went and thought that she didn't face problems at all.

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