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Kaliopi's European promo tour

27 March 2016 at 20:11 CEST
Kaliopi Kristijan Teodorov
Kaliopi, the representative of F.Y.R. Macedonia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, is busy touring in Europe before the "Eurovision Season" starts in Stockholm. The singer has already performed in Serbia and visited Bosnia & Herzegovina. Find out more about Kaliopi's plans below!

Only five weeks are left before the first rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest start at the Globe Arena in Stockholm. This year's Macedonian representative, Kaliopi, spends her time touring Europe to promote her beautiful entry Dona.

Kaliopi's tour started in Belgrade, where the singer visited the national Radio Television of Serbia, RTS, gave a lot of interviews and appeared on Serbian radio and TV.


Kaliopi's fans from Bosnia & Herzegovina had a great opportunity to watch the singer on the regional TV, and to hear her ballad Dona.

The promo tour is a perfect opportunity for Kaliopi to get reacquainted with music journalists from the whole Europe and to introduce her Eurovision entry to her fans.

Regarding her upcoming trip to Moscow, Kaliopi said she was very much looking forward to performing Dona live for the very first time at the Eurovision gala party in the Russian capital.

I am enormously happy to come to Moscow again, after many, many years. This time I will probably meet different Moscow from the one I remember, but to be embraced by the spirit of Moscow is a true privilege. And that’s why I am happy as a little child when it comes to my arrival to Moscow!

Kaliopi will participate in the eighth edition of Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides this, she will also perform at the London Eurovision Party that will take place in the Café de Paris in the heart of the west end of London.

Gallery: Meet Kaliopi during her promo tour!

Here are the dates of Kaliopi's full promo tour:

Belgrade: 21st - 23rd March

Sarajevo: 24th - 27th March

Ljubljana: 27th March

Zagreb: 29th - 30th March

Moscow: 1st - 3rd April

Amsterdam: 8th - 9th April

London: 15th - 17th April

Sofia (Bulgaria) and Albania: second half of April

In meantime Kaliopi and her team are working on stage performance, preparation of promotional material and the overall agenda for the upcoming weeks in Stockholm.