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Kaliopi: "I am emotional, emotional and emotional..."

12 May 2016 at 20:23 CEST visited Kaliopi, the contestant from F.Y.R. Macedonia in her dressing room during the singer's make-up session. Always funny, and in a good temper, Kaliopi answered some unconventional questions and said what make-up product she uses every day.

Kaliopi, the participant from F.Y.R. Macedonia has a very tight schedule before the second Semi-Final. The singer let us in her dressing room during her make-up session. If Kaliopi had a choice between a lipstick and a lipgloss, she "would choose a lipstick. A red one! I also would start with it if I had only 30 seconds time for my make-up."


Kaliopi was asked to describe herself in three words. "I am emotional, emotional and emotional!" Feeling and emotions are very important for the singer on stage and in her real life: "If you want to be authentic and natural on stage, show the viewers your feelings and made them feel the same through your voice."

Gallery: Kaliopi during her make-up session