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Justs to represent Latvia in 2016 with Heartbeat

28 February 2016 at 23:29 CET
Justs LSM F64
Justs has just won the Supernova final with the song Heartbeat, and will represent Latvia in the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. 

Tonight it was all down to the public to determine the winner of Supernova 2016 by televoting. The song which achieved the most votes won the ticket to Stockholm to represent Latvia in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held on Thursday the 12th of May. In a very close contest, that honour went to Justs ahead of Catalepsia.

You can watch his winning performance of Heartbeat below:

20 songs started out in the Supernova contest at the start of February. In the first two heats, the jury and the public selected four songs in each heat to go forward to last week's semi-final. In the semi-final, the televoting public put through two songs to tonight's final, and the jury decided the remaining two places.

Tonight's Finalists

  • Catalepsia - Damnation (Second)
  • MyRadiantU - We Will Be Stars
  • Justs - Heartbeat (Winner)
  • Marta Ritova - Not From This World



About the winner: Justs

Justs Sirmais (born 6th February 1995 in Kekava), is also known as simply Justs. He attended Riga State Gymnasium No 1. He still lives in Kekava.

The song was composed by Aminata Savadogo who won Supernova 2015 and represented Latvia in the 2015 contest in Vienna where she finished in sixth place in the Grand Final with her own composition Love Injected.

Gallery: Finalists in Supernova 2016

Apart from the contestants on stage there were a number of guest performers. Aminata who represented Latvia in last year's contest presented her new song Fighter. 

There was an electronic pop project by DJ Rudd, who was a jury meber in the semi-final. The project is called Bandmaster and they performed their new song Us.

Another jury member, Intars Busulis, who is one of the most popular male singers in Latvia, performed his song Miglas Rīts (The Morning Of Fog) he was saying “I love you” to his wife, and it is one of the rare times he did it with words, not actions!

You can watch Supernova 2016 again via our web player on

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