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"Just be crazy and have fun!" state tonight's qualifiers

13 May 2011 at 01:40 CEST

The ten qualifiers from tonight's show made their way to the winners press conference after the show. At the conference, two representatives of each qualifying country answered two questions each, one from the national press and one from international media. Apart from that, they drew their starting positions for the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Getter Jaani was asked how she felt when she was announced as the first qualifier. She said: "It was such a relief when we were announced first."

Estonia's draw in the Final: 8


Hotel FM were asked if they would be nervous on the Final night, or if they would be "Daddy Cool", refering to their performances together with Boney M. The lead singer said he was always "Daddy Cool", and he went on to perform a short excerpt of the song accappella.

A journalist asked how it was on the stage. The lead singer replied: "Absolutely unreal, probably the biggest event on my life, the most important, can't wait for Saturday now. How much energy they give to us on stage. Thank you everybody who voted!"

Romania's draw in the Final: 17


Zdob si Zdub were asked about one of Roman's dreams before tonight's show, and he replied he had actually dreamt that they would go on to the Final.

"What do you need to be in the final?" was the second question, and they replied: "We should be so lucky and cosmic and original and unreal!"

Moldova's draw in the Final: 15


"It's cool when you google your name and so many results pop up," was the first statement from Jedward. The second question to Jedward was: "How do find your chances on Saturday?" They replied: "Everybody just tells us to be crazy to have fun."

Ireland's draw in the Final: 6

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A journalist asked Dino Merlin if the Irish representatives reminded him of himself when he was younger. He confirmed that he was also crazy when his career started, 27 years ago, when he was running around in yellow coats.

Dino Merlin was also asked to compare his experiences at the Eurovision Song Contests in 1999 and 2011 and mention the changes he recognized. He answered: "So many things. It's a huge production, everything has completely changed, but always what remains is a good performance and a song that remains. I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Jerusalem at that ESC."

Bosnia and Herzegovina's draw in the Final: 2


"Did the shooting today help you?" was the first question to A Friend In London. "It's all about having a good song. We're proud to be here," was their reply.

The Danish artists were asked if it was difficult to run all the way along the catwalk while singing, and what was the meaning. They replied: "He is running for a new tomorrow and a better world!"

Denmark's draw in the Final: 3


"It's so great for me and for Austria to be here," was Nadine's first statement to the press. She was first asked how she felt when the envelope was opened. She said: "We were just waiting and hoping in the Green Room, and I prayed to God that I would reach the Final."

Nadine was asked if the winner was sitting behind the press conference table right now. She said: "Oh I really can't say it, I think everyone of us can win, it's all about what Europe decides. We all love the music, and I'm so glad to be part of it, it's so AMAZING!"

Austria's draw in the Final: 18


"Are the feathers in the dress real?" was the first question to Mika Newton. "Yes, they are real," she replied. Kseniia Simonova added: "I was the worst pessimist in the team, and when the eighth envelope was opened, I was the happiest person in the world when we qualified." She added in German: "Fortunately, everything in our performance tonight was perfect, the camera over my sand table was in the right position, it was just great."

Ukraine's draw in the Final: 23


When asked what happened in the Green Room when she qualified, Maja Keuc pointed to the composer Ursa Vlasic and stated: "She knocked me down when we qualified, and I just thought - oh my god, hopefully I don't show my underpants now!"

"What is even worse or more cruel? Waiting to go on stage or waiting for Slovenia to be qualified?" was the second question for Maja. "I think I was not breathing for one minute, that's my record, I was in this dress for 5 hours, so I wasn't feeling my body anymore," she replied.

Slovenia's draw in the Final: 20


"What went through your mind when you were waiting for Sweden to be announced, and it appeared on the screens only with the last envelope?" was the first question asked to Eric Saade. He said: "I was about to kill Jon Ola Sand, as he must have decided that Sweden should be announced last!"

One journalist asked about the pyro effect, breaking the glass cage on stage: "The thing with the glass didn't work in the rehearsals, what did you do to make it work in the Semi-Final?" Christer Björkman went on to explain: "It was a problem caused while the technicians were moving the cage to the stage, and since we discovered it, it's been working fine and it'll be better in the Final!"

Sweden's draw in the Final: 7

The Final running order

The full running order for the Final is now complete and reads as follows:

  1. Finland
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. Denmark
  4. Lithuania
  5. Hungary
  6. Ireland
  7. Sweden
  8. Estonia
  9. Greece
  10. Russia
  11. France
  12. Italy
  13. Switzerland
  14. United Kingdom
  15. Moldova
  16. Germany
  17. Romania
  18. Austria
  19. Azerbaijan
  20. Slovenia
  21. Iceland
  22. Spain
  23. Ukraine
  24. Serbia
  25. Georgia