Juries get 50% stake in Final result!

This Wednesday and Thursday, the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest will meet in Moscow to decide upon the exact way the national juries will be composed, and to discuss rules to assure a fair jury vote. It was already announced to EBU Member broadcasters that the jury members should all be music industry professionals. More details soon!

At the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, national juries and televoters each had a 50% stake in the result as well.

The governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest will also look into the progress Host Broadcaster Channel One is making on the preparations for the 54th grand prix, and will attend the Host City Key Exchange ceremony.

In September, Ruurd Bierman, Chairman of the Reference Group, explained the decision to involve the jury again to Eurovision.tv: "We strongly believe in televoting as a way of measuring the opinion of our millions of viewers across Europe. After the public debate about neighbor- and diaspora voting, we decided to give the national juries a say in the outcome of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest." Read the full article »

Back in time: Last year's changes

The changes introduced for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest follow after changes introduced in the setup of the two Semi-Finals, for the 2008 contest. The countries represented in the two Semi-Finals were drawn from six pots. Those pots, containing six or seven country names, were created based on geographic location and mathematical voting patterns since 2004. Viewers from the countries represented in one Semi-Final could not vote during the other Semi-Final. Nine of the ten qualifying contestants were chosen by televoters, while the highest ranked contestant in the back-up jury vote, who didn't qualify through televoting yet, also qualified for the Final. This lead to a less predictable and more diverse outcome, making the two Semi-Final shows more exciting.

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