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Junior 2013: What to expect from tonight?

30 November 2013 at 18:00 CET

What can you tell about the team working on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest production?

The team created by NTU is very professional. It's a good mix of the best Ukrainian and international specialists. This year we have the Executive Producer Roman Keryk and a multi-camera director from Estonia, Marek Mill, who is doing a fantastic job! Lights were designed and directed by the legendary Jerry Appelt from Germany. They are very dedicated to produce the best possible show.

How could you compare this year’s show with previous editions?

Ukraine, as have many other host countries, is showing a lot of dedication to the contest. NTU is investing a lot of creative and emotional efforts in the TV production. All this work is implemented in high-end technical decisions to have a spectacular show. We’ve got a great LED screen, amazing light design, and beautiful stage design.

In five words tell us what kind of show should we expect on Saturday night?

Outstanding show, enjoyed by everyone.

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The 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast today at 19.00 CET. You can watch it also on