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Junior 2013 venue confirmed

17 April 2013 at 16:17 CEST

As always, the Host Broadcaster of the upcoming contest proposed a possible place to hold the contest. This was then evaluated by the organisers on the EBU side.

This year the Ukrainian broadcaster offered to hold the contest in the National Palace of Arts Ukraina. This was then checked and confirmed to be good for hosting the contest by the EBU organisers.

"I am very pleased with the venue – the National Palace of Arts Ukraine. Having seen all the features of the arena, I can say that this venue is well suited for the contest and meets all our requirements," the Executive Supervisor of the contest, Vladislav Yakovlev said.

The arena is considered to be one of the best concert halls in the country for holding big concerts and it has all the necessary facilities for the contest.

In addition to that it was decided that the official hotel for the delegations will be the newly built Alfavito hotel. It's 5 minutes from the arena and right in the centre of Kyiv.

At this stage NTU is busy preparing for the contest, discussing the social program for the delegations and so on. Don't worry, we'll keep you informed!

This year's contest will be held on the 30th of November in Kyiv, Ukraine.