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Junior 2013 date set for November 30

12 February 2013 at 15:00 CET

The Junior contest has always been held in the last weeks of November or the first week of December. So it will be this time - 30th November is set in stone and we'll see the 11th edition of the show on that day.

The show will be broadcast from Kyiv, Ukraine and it'll be organised by the Ukrainian public broadcaster NTU.

No arena confirmed...yet

The arena of the contest has not yet been decided but options will be checked on 11-12th March by the EBU. You can expect more news from us then!

Last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest was won by Anastasiya Petryk with her song Nebo. Unlike at the Eurovision Song Contest, winning the contest does not grant the right to host the next edition.

The Host Broadcaster is decided in a bidding process and is decided by the Steering Group which is made up by representatives from broadcasters all over Europe.