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Junior 2009: Delegation heads gather in Kyiv

11 October 2009 at 13:37 CEST

With some six weeks left until the day of the event - the 21st of November - the Heads of Delegation meeting marks the beginning of the final stage of preparations for Host Broadcaster NTU and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

What happens on Monday?

On Monday, NTU Executive Producer Ruslan Tkachenko will present the stage- and graphic design, details about the television show and information about transportation, accommodation, technical facilities and social activities such as the various parties that are set to take place in the event week, between the 16th and 21st of November.

The draw

Junior Eurovision Song Contest Steering Group chairman Steve de Coninck-de Boeck will conduct the first part of the draw for the running order. Traditionally, the first country and last country are being drawn, then the remaining eleven countries will be drawn into two groups. The Steering Group and the producers of the show then gather on Monday night to determine the final running order to assure a diverse and exciting TV show. The complete running order will be announced on Tuesday via this website, around 12:00 CET!

Visiting the venue

To conclude the first day of the meeting, the delegation heads will also visit the Palats Sportu, the venue of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In 2005, NTU hosted the 50th Eurovision Song Contest at the same venue. Tickets for Junior 2009 are available on an invitation-only basis, and will not be available for sale.

What happens on Tuesday?

On Tuesday, the EBU will present the participants of the meeting with details about televoting, the compilation CD and the website. A seat in the Steering Group is up for election, and the format of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be discussed. Finally, the Belarusian delegation will present their first plans for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, to be hosted next year in the country's capital Minsk.

Stay tuned..!

Over the next couple of days, is the place to be for the latest news about the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the thirteen contestants, so stay tuned!