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Julia Samoylova in Portugal during the recording of her postcard.
Julia Samoylova in Portugal during the recording of her postcard.
Photo: Channel One Russia

Julia Samoylova (Russia 2018) about Portugal: "We embraced it!"

Today Russian 2018 contestant Julia Samoylova celebrates her birthday. To mark the occasion, took the opportunity to speak with her about her Eurovision dream and her recent trip to Portugal. "Julia, congratulations with your birthday! Could you share with us how you celebrate your birthday and with whom?"
Julia: "Thank you! I am used to celebrate my birthday at home. No posh night party today — just family and a few close friends. Their love is the best of gifts." "Last year, you were meant to represent Russia, but eventually could not come to the contest. With more time to prepare for 2018, how did you use that time to get ready for Lisbon?
Julia: "Can't say I spent a whole year trying to get ready for Lisbon. I was busy writing songs for my first album, writing a book — it’s going to be released any day now — and touring of course. But as soon as the new year has started I came back to my thoughts about my Eurovision dream. Now I can’t wait for it to come true!" "How do you personally relate to the lyrics of your song, I Won’t Break?
Julia: "I think everybody has a moment in life when he or she would think; this song is about me. At least I can say it. It teaches you to always listen to your heart, no matter what, and to always keep on going." What did you do for the recording of your postcard? How did you enjoy Portugal?
Julia: "Well, we literally knocked on the door to Portugal and it opened. We embraced it – the wonders of the maritime life in the Lisbon Oceanario, the beauty of the famous city, the salty air of the ocean, everything! Portugal is a wonderful land, Lisbon is amazing and the people we met there are generous and open-hearted. I love them! would like to thank Vladimir Smirnov of Channel One Russia for coordinating the interview and of course, thank Julia Samoylova for making herself available on this special day.