Joy and disappointment backstage


Feminnem, Croatia
“We were of course disappointed when we got the result, but that's life. Now, we'll work even more. We just released our new CD in English. We'll just keep on going, nothing can stop us. People know that we used our brief space of time on stage the best that we could. We were a little bit nervous, but that's normal. It probably didn't ruin the performance, but if it did, so what? That's life.”

Ansambel Žlindra & Kalamari, Slovenia
“We're good. We are disappointed, but we didn't expect anything, we did this for fun. Our expectations weren't to go though. We enjoyed the stage performance all the way, it's a once in a lifetime experience.”

Michael von der Heide, Switzerland
“I'm fine, happy is another word, but it's okay. Next year, I will go again for Switzerland, but this time in a duet with Carola from Sweden. I will call her if I get her number, and then we will show them, haha! Carola is the biggest singer in Sweden; I'm not the biggest singer in Switzerland, but I will be by next year!”


Eva Rivas, Armenia
“I'm very excited, and I'm so looking forward to the Final. It's gonna be very hard. When I got the result, I began to scream and jump, I didn't know what to do.”

Jon Lilygreen, Cyprus
“It was bit of a shame that Sweden and Bulgaria went out. Some part of me thought that we weren't going to make it. Luckily, I had my necklace of Mother Mary, so she looked after me. This was a very pleasant surprise, it's been five years since Cyprus qualified.”

Chanée & N'evergreen, Denmark
“We were pretty nervous, because this was a very strong Semi-Final. We really feel that we had a great show, but when there was only one country left, we though we were going to die.”

Sofia Nizharadze, Georgia
“You can't even imagine what I felt when it was Georgia in that first envelope. It was an amazing moment, I was almost crying. I realised that people had been voting for me, I'm so honoured to be in the Grand Final. This was the moment when I realised what tears of joy is.”

Paula Seling & Ovi, Romania
“We felt an immense joy and pride when they drew our country. We're in the Final, now everything is open, and we really believe in our song and our chances.”

maNga, Turkey
“We didn't anticipate that it would be this exciting and tense. We were totally satisfied with the performance, everything worked perfectly. It came naturally.”

Also, Lys Assia, the Swiss winner of the first ever Eurovision Song Contest, made her way backstage to congratulate the winners right after the broadcast. She appreciated the show.

“I'm a little bit sad that Switzerland didn't go though. They might have taken me, who knows? I still sing, so I could well participate next year. I enjoyed the show very much, as always, but I actually think is was better than usual this year. I don't know about the result of the Final, it's so close.”


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