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JOWST from Norway: "It’s like a fairytale"

03 May 2017 at 14:13 CEST
Norway first rehearsal Thomas Hanses
JOWST ft. Aleksander have made themselves at home backstage in Kyiv. Right after their arrival at the venue they settled down in their dressing room. "Controlled chaos it’s the way to do it in Norway. Just eat some chocolate and maybe get a TV and Playstation here. It’s important to feel at home," JOWST said.

The guys from Norway described the journey to Eurovision like a fairytale. "The main goal is to have fun, but of course we aim for a first place," says JOWST. "We love music and want to tour around after this. But we do want that trophy," Aleksander Walmann adds. 

Various genres

JOWST and Aleksander were intensively involved with the preparations for their Eurovision Song Contest performance, from coming up with ideas about graphics and clothing to timing and positioning on stage. JOWST’s education as a music producer was a big plus: "It taught me to produce in different genres, so it’s easier to blend various genres into one song. I think people like that,” says JOWST. 

Their song Grab The Moment features various genres that are mixed into the track. It features rap, but also includes elements of hip hop and soul. "It is a hybrid song,” Aleksander said.

No classic Norwegian tune

"Although it doesn't sound like classic Norwegian music with violins, this definitely has a modern sound,” JOWST said, hinting towards Norway's last Eurovision Song Contest winner Fairytale by Alexander Rybak.

JOWST’s favourite part of the song is the bridge: "When it gets darker and then lights up more and more. That is so cool!"

Staging-wise, their performance is quiet similar to that during the national selection. The glowing masks and microphones, as well as the tailored suits, were all there. After the first run-through, JOWST and Aleksander gave each other a hug and a high five. "It went really well and looked good. We have a long way to go but with the knowledge of how well it went today, we feel certain that it will be perfect when it’s time for the Semi-Final,” Aleksander said. 

"Best concert ever"

Between now and their next rehearsal, they will work on their stage moves, while for the remaining time they will relax, eat borsjtj and possibly repeat last night's jamming session with the Belarusian artists at the hotel. "It was the best concert ever," JOWST said.

Norway's next rehearsal is scheduled for Saturday, 6th of May. They will eventually take part in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 9th of May.