Josh sounding and looking good for the United Kingdom

The stage was packed with singer Josh Dubovie alongside his backing singers Kirsten Joy Gill, Suzanne Carley and Joanna Breheny, plus dancers Ciaran Connolly and Filippo Calvagno, and joined by That Sounds Good To Me composers Pete Waterman, Mike Stock and Steve Crosby, along with BBC commentator Graham Norton, and Head of Delegation Phil Parsons.

Most of the questions were directed at Josh, Graham Norton and Pete Waterman. As this was the first time that the songs had been seen in order, Josh admitted he had enjoyed listening to the Greek entry before going on stage, and this had put him in good spirits for his own performance.

"I want to be true to myself"

The idea of the staging for the UK entry was from a combination of talents at the BBC, with the use of the light boxes, the backing dancers and the female vocalists, and Josh hoped it will all make him look and sound good on the night. Adding that he will concentrate on his performance, “It takes guts, and can make or break you. I want to be true to myself. I may not be the strongest singer, but I will give it my very best shot, for that exciting moment”.

For Pete Waterman, he admitted all his previous successes count for nothing when it comes to tomorrow nights Final. “We are only as good as this competition, anything goes, you just don’t know what to expect”. He noted that when it comes to the contest, everyone is an expert, on when to have a key change, whether to be soft or loud, catchy but not too catchy. So in the end, he and his fellow songwriters wrote what they would normally write.

Graham Norton in his second year as commentator for the BBC, described the job as being really quite lazy. “I sit watching the television and say some stuff in between the songs, just as people are doing at home”.

In other words Graham Norton will be sharing the moment just as everyone else will be doing when they watch the Final of Europe’s favourite television show.

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