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Netherlands 2024: Joost Klein introduces us to 'Europapa'

29 February 2024 at 16:55 CET
Joost Klein will represent the Netherlands at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Ruud Janssen
The Netherlands has released its entry for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö - 'Europapa' will be performed by Joost Klein.

The artist Joost Klein is inviting us into his wonderful world via the release of the official music video for his song Europapa

The turbo-charged tune will serve as the Dutch entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in May, and takes listeners on a nostalgic three-minute trip that's worth strapping in for.

Europapa is a tribute to Joost's father. Through the song, the artist informs the listener that there are no limits if you want to make your dreams come true and tell your story. The tune is a madcap mix of melancholy and happiness, delivered with the poetic lyrics and catchy beats for which Joost has become renowned.

According to Joost himself:

"'Europapa' is about an orphan who travels throughout Europe (and beyond) to find himself and tell his story. At first, people don't recognise him, but he goes on seizing any opportunity he gets to let himself be seen. 'Europapa' is a tribute to my father. When bringing me up, he passed on to me an expansive view of the world"

Europapa is produced by Teun de Kruif (Tantu Beats), with a special contribution from DJ Paul Elstak, one of the founders of happy hardcore and the man behind the mega-hit Rainbow in the Sky. Joost wrote the lyrics himself with input from his good friends Donnie and Tim Haars.

Joost is already looking forward to his experience at the Eurovision Song Contest in May:

"The Eurovision performance will be a full-circle experience, turning sorrow into elation. When people see my act, their first response should be: "What's going on here?", but then only to find themselves moved. An invitation to dive deeper. At first glance it seems a very happy act, but beyond that lie blood, sweat and tears."

Joost Klein will represent Netherlands at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Ruud Janssen

At the Eurovision Song Contest in May, the Netherlands will perform in the Second Half of the Second Semi-Final. 

You can learn more about Joost Klein right here: