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# Join Us down under

03 May 2014 at 14:05 CEST

An incredible opportunity

This morning the Australians held a press conference to present Jessica Mauboy to the journalists, and to expalin a little bit more about their attitude and approach to this unique opportunity to having Australia at the contest.

Apart from Jessica Mauboy, the Australian commentator Julia Zemiro, and the SBS Director Paul Clarke were on stage to take questions from the audience.

Julia has been the SBS commentator since 2009, and she loves the show, and now, for the first time she is going to feel some of that anxiety and excitement as Australia takes to the stage for the very first time.

Jessica, on the other hand admits that the pressure is off, compared to the other contestants, as she is a guest performer, though her song has been specifically written for Eurovision, and will reflect a bit of her culture, and it will be a very special. Jessica has performed in front of Barack Obama, and has toured with Beyonce, but she is still very excited to perform in front of the worldwide audience. "It is an incredible opportunity and I want to say thank you."

As to what Jessica will wear on the night, she was keeping a closely guarded secret. All she would say is that it took five days to make by the Australian designer, and two weeks to style and fit, and that it features a bit of a train, and that it will look spectacular.

Both Jessica and Julia have watched the Eurovision Song Contest since they were very young, Jessica remembers watching it in Perth, with her father, when she was around 11 years old. Her favourite ever Eurovision entry is Loreen's Euphoria.  

3 million viewers down under

The programme is watched over three consecutive evenings, and attracts an audience of around 3 million viewers, which is not bad out of a potential 22 million. Last year they also broadcast the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and will be doing so this year, taking it by delayed broadcast.

It is also worth noting that this year their (relatively) near neighbours New Zealand are taking the broadcast for the first time.

Of course, everyone wanted to know if Australia will ever actively participate in the contest? Well, this year, through some amusing animination, you will see Australia brought to Europe, by placing it somewhere in the North Sea, just off the coast of Denmark.

Julia says that if Australia there is a large following in the country from Greeks, Turks and Italians, and of course ex pats from the United Kingdom. However she reckons that even if Australia could vote in the contest that Molly (the United Kingdom entrant)  has a good enough song this year that she won't need the hypothetical votes from Australia.

The Australian song will be available shortly after the performance in the second Semi-Final as a single and as a download.

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