Johnny Logan considering three offers



Next year, it'll be Logan's 30th anniversary of his first Eurovision Song contest win. In an interview to Irish Times, he told he's currently "considering requests from three countries" to write their entry for Oslo. He does say it'd be "very hard to write a song for any other country except Ireland."

“The best chance Ireland has of winning it again is to take it seriously, and that means putting something into the Eurovision that has a chance of winning. And that requires the country being involved." the man, who's also known as Mr Eurovision, said. "In order for it to get back to some semblance of respectability, the song has to be representative of Ireland. We have to prove ourselves again, and we can’t presume that just because we’re Irish that everybody loves us. Those days are gone.”

He didn't say whether France, which has been rumored to have asked him, is among those three countries, though. Stay tuned!

Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest first in 1980 with What's Another Year, then in 1987 with Hold Me Now and as a writer in 1992 with Why Me?, performed by Linda Martin.


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