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Joan goes native for the Netherlands

15 May 2012 at 12:27 CEST

Today in Baku, the Netherlands took to the stage for the very first time where Joan practiced her song You And Me in a new and refreshed stage show since the Dutch national final. Keep reading to see how she did!

"This is so big for me"

Backstage, Joan was clearly very excited about performing on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. She was smiling and greeted everyone warmly, listening intently to the production crew who gave her instructions about her upcoming rehearsal. 

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We had a little chat to Joan before she took to the stage where she said, "I am so impressed by the production here and I am so excited to go on stage. This is something completely new and big for me". We also asked her about her performance and whether producer John de Mol had helped to which she said "we had many meetings to create the stage show". She also went on to say, "my headscarf is new and I also have a new dress but that is still a surprise and I am not wearing it today". 

On stage, Joan is joined by a band with four young men playing the guitar, violin, banjo and accordion, adding a bit of country feeling to the performance. Also with Joan is a backing singer. 

Flames, feathers and a guitar

The stage presentation is very different to the national final, as the band did not appear back then. In the background flames are appropriately a dominant feature with various shades of orange, red and yellow creating the setting for her song. Also, on stage there are some interesting props, with several fire bowls adding to the fire theme in the final run through.

The song itself isn't particularly fiery but a nice mellow country inspired song. However, the story behind the song lends itself to adding a few flames and injecting some fire into the performance; there is a very distinct theme about native Americans and the fiery emotions of childhood romance. 

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Vocally Joan's voice is very strong and she is confident and smiling on stage with her band adding to this with an enthuisiastic performance.

"The feather symbolises me being free"

Joan came into her press conference wearing a single feather in her hair and was applauded by the waiting press and fans, waiting eagerly to hear what she had to say. 

The room was quite full for Joan who has stirred up a lot of discussion about her unorthodox act. She was asked by a journalist about her 60s inspired music and if it is still relevant to which she said, "I think the 60s will return and that the clothes and fashion and music are still popular."

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Joan told the story of her song, which is about her first childhood love saying "it is a very fond memory." She also said that she has contact with the boy in question. 

She was asked by one journalist about the changes to her performance from the national final saying, "I like to change things". She also talked about the feather she was wearing and said, "I wear a feather almost every day as it means a lot to me and symbolises me being free". A powerful message. 

The delegation said they were impressed by the stage and the lighting and there are a few things they want to adjust such as the fire effects and Joan not standing so close as it is very hot on stage!