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Jessy Matador to represent France?

19 February 2010 at 18:02 CET

French TV's possible choice would come as a surprise as it had been rumoured for months that the country would be represented by Christophe Willem and star DJ David Guetta, but it seems now that the broadcaster decided to put the nation's hopes on the fairly unknown Jessy Matador with a song which is yet to be determined.

Jessy Matador was born in Congo and started his career as part of the group Les Coeurs Brisés who performed extensively in Africa, North America and Europe. In 2005, he created his own group La Selesao which consisted of 5 dancers with a special concept entitled Show Kanawa. In 2008, he released his first song Décalé Gwada. For the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, it is expected that Jessy Matador will participate with a summery song that will also be used by France Televisions to promote the Football World Cup which will take place later this year in South Africa.

In the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, France was represented by the pan-European star Patricia Kaas. Despite many tipping her song Et S'Il Fallait Le Faire as a winner, the French chanson ultimately ended up on an 8th place which was seen as a disappointment by many experts and fans. Will the Grande Nation score better this year with Jessy Matador?