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Jessy Matador: “This is huge in Congo”

28 May 2010 at 20:56 CEST

The 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is not only big in Europe and other places where the contest traditionally generates interest, such as Australia. It also generates attention in central Africa. This is because of the French entrant, Jessy Matador.

When Jessy had his press conference on Friday evening, he told the media of the excitement that his participation generates in his original country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“It's huge to see the reactions in Congo. That a guy from the country represents France in the Eurovision Song Contest is really exciting for the people there,” Jessy explained.

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A mixture of cultures

When asked about what would be the most French about the song, Jessy spontaneously mentioned the French lyrics. But Bruno Berberes, long-time Head of Delegation for France, had another suggestion.

“It's difficult in the French culture to see what is typically French. The nation is made up of a mixture of cultures from all over Europe and Africa. So I guess that this song is typically French,” Berberes said.

Cultural atmospheres merging

Jessy Matador also gave a report on his rehearsal from today, saying that it went good and that he felt good vibes. Now, he's ready for the big night.

Even though the competition is hard in the Final. The multi-cultural French delegation wanted everyone to know how pleased they are of seeing the different cultural atmospheres merging in the contest. Jessy revealed that his favourites for the Final are Germany, Greece, Azerbaijan and Belgium.

Competition of compositions

He also wanted to set his approach to the contest straight. To him, this is above everything else a competition of compositions.

“This is a song contest, so you can have the most amazing outfits. If you can't set the singing right, you're chanceless. The most important thing is the song,” Jessy said.

Jessy Matador is a very well-known artist in France. Nevertheless, representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest is a big undertaking for him. The press was told of how excited he was about being the French representative. After he was selected for the job, he was so happy to represent France that he couldn't sleep for days. Now, in a day's time, the result is in.