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Jelena Tomasevic' imitation wins Be A Winner!

22 May 2008 at 00:00 CEST

This year's Be A Winner entries were viewed more than 160,000 times on, where the contestants submitted their videos. 35,000 votes were counted.

Amongst the entries were home-made music videos, funny interpretations and fantastic performances. Several of the Be A Winner entries made it to television, as featured items in the three Eurovision Countdown shows. Other popular videos were Dmitry's performance of Hasta La Vista, the Singing Flower performing All Night Long and BlueRush's Day After Day

Janga, who received nearly 10% of the votes, wins a Flip camera, to record more wonderful karaoke videos for, and an exclusive online chat with the winner of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations!


The Eurovision TV Interactive Unit would like to thank all contributors to Be A Winner 2008!