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Jedward to represent Ireland again!

25 February 2012 at 01:32 CET

Five songs were in contention for the honour of representing Ireland, and a 50/50 combination of televoting and five regional juries determined the winner.

The results were; (Composers names in brackets). Winners in bold.

1. Mistaken ( Edele Lynch) sung by Celtic Whisper with Maria McCool. (50 Points)

2. Mercy (Marten Ericsson, Peter Mansson, Lina Ericsson and Bill Hughes) sung by Donna McCaul.  (84 Points)

3. Here I Am (Greg French) sung by Andrew Mann. (94 Points)

4. Language Of Love (Éanán Patterson and Julian Benson) sung by Una Gibney and David Shannon.  (58 Points)

5. Waterline (Nick Jarl) sung by Jedward.  (114 Points)

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In addition to the artists taking part in the contest, there were guest appearances from the Brotherhood Of Man, who won the 1976 edition of Europe's Favourite Tv Show with Save Your Kisses For Me. The 1993 winner for Ireland, Niamh Kavanagh was also interviewed by presenter Ryan Tubridy about her experiences in the contests of 1993 and 2010.

Both Niamh Kavanagh and RTÉ Commentator, Marty Whelen were also on hand to pass their comments on the five entries.

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Jedward become the first artists to represent Ireland in two successive contests, having finished in eighth place in 2011 with the song Lipstick.

Ireland will participate in the First Semi-Final on 22nd May in Baku.

If you missed the final, you can catch up and watch it again on our player.