Jedward (Ireland) 2nd press conference

The duo were very pleased with their action-charged rehearsal, but promised certain cosmetic changes for their Eurovision performance: “When you come to the final our makeup is going to look perfect. Today we did our own makeup and we look like ghosts.” They also vowed to wear jackets that are “so ultra-shiny, they'll blind you”.

Asked to name their biggest competitors in the competition, John responded: “Lena is really cool. France is great. But each act is totally different and can't be compared. No song is the same.”

Despite their general optimism, “we don't think it's good to be favoured. It's better to be the underdog. It's good that we have people who like us and those who don't. If we won Eurovision, we'd like to do a tour of Europe, not just go home and say 'yeah, we won'.

At the first press conference, the twins had publicly declared their love for Lena. This time, however, Edward had sad news to report: “We gave her flowers last night, but she just wants to be friends.” Yet John remains undaunted: “It always starts off like friends and then it (deep voice) moves on.”

John and Edward were actually track & field athletes before they entered the X Factor competition: “We used to train really hard and run 50 miles a week. We had an advantage because we could run over the line heads first, so our hair would cross the line first - Usain Bolt would have no chance!”

Their athletic discipline is perhaps one reason they have not been seen partying out and about in Düsseldorf. Edward explains: “We don't smoke, drink, or do any bad stuff, but the Queen is coming to Ireland soon so we'll learn how to drink tea!”

The twins were also asked if they ever quarrel or had ever considered disbanding. Edward responded: “We like to drink Smoothies. If John starts drinking mine, I say 'stop drinking my Smoothie'.” Other than that, they never fight because, as Edward explains: “If I punch John in the face, I'd have to look at that every day and it would be like looking in the mirror.” Splitting up the group would be difficult because “we'd still have to go home together to Mum and Dad.”

Nevertheless, the matter remained unresolved, so the twins staged a spontaneous arm-wrestling match to determine who was really the boss. After a dramatic struggle, John won  decisively, despite Edward's desperate use of two hands.

At the end of the conference, the twins responded to an invitation to name the most important question of modern times and consider their rightful place in history. The twins rejected 'world peace' and 'why are we here?' in favour of 'how does our hair look?'. John would like to be remembered as “a saint” and Edward as “a positive force that spreads fun and good feelings throughout the world”.

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