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Jedward get closer to the Waterline

18 May 2012 at 13:25 CEST

Moments ago we followed John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward, backstage. The twins represent Ireland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterline, after last year's big success with Lipstick.

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They still have that same hair that made them so popular and many people around Baku can already be seen with a "Jedhead" around their foreheads.

Here you can see their walk from the dressing room into the backstage and their second rehearsal at the Baku Crystal Hall:

It's not that they are only doing the Eurovision Song Contest. Since their 8th place in the Final last year, they released several videos and singles and the album Victory. And they also took part in the Celebrity Big Brother show in the UK.

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Bubblegum outfits

The brothers changed into other specially designed outfits for their press conference. They resembled bubblegum slot machines, as can be seen in our gallery. Virtually all the press conference was taken up the photographers taking shots of the pair as they jumped up on the table, or performed cartwheels on the platform, showing if nothing else that they were extremely fit. They put some of that energy down to having to having two bowls of porridge in the morning, and not having sweets.

One Dutch journalist managed to persuade one of them to briefly wear an orange feathered Indian headdress to show support for Joan Franka.

The brothers also took turns in interviewing each other, before they decided to wander into the audience and chat direct to the journalists,  and to see if the press had done their homework following their first conference. However, there was little new information to be gained, as questions tended to be of the predictable nature. Their favourite songs from this year were the entries of Cyprus, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Germany.

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